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The Girls Dollhouse

We are working on this house for the girls to play with. It is sort of a family effort
We wanted this house to be easy to build and play with.It is made out of 1/4" sheet
of wood we bought at a home center.I designed(if you can say designed..its a very simple box) the house with the rooms shallow.I noticed when meg tried to play in my house she would knock everything over trying to get to the everything will be right up front where she can reach it easy.With everyone working on the house i hope the     house will have special memories attached to it and many playtime memories to add as they grow older

The inside is just about ready for play...

Now just to finish the out side with

flowers,shutters and such.

The begining of Meg and Jens Play Dollhouse

There will be 4rooms Kitchen,livingroom,bed & bathroom.

Even with her fever she insists on helping with her and sissy's house

Meg loves to paint..Isn't she doing a wonderfull job?

House Front

The house front will be painted & we'll add faux door & windows


For the kitchen we used one of my

printable wallpaper designs

Bathroom Papered

Trying out the kitchen for size

(hint the trash can is a film canister wraped in white paper)

If we count by rooms the inside of the house is half done


This is my smiling Jen...

...She is helping out with the bedroom painting!

Living room

This is the livingroom,I painted the floor brown...

most of it will be covered with an area rug.

The paper is one of my printable designs.


Jen painted the outside a soft blue...

And Stephen is helping out w/ the shingles.


The Bedroom Has Paper and floors...

Megan Picked out the pink paper to go with the floral paper..

the border & floor are from my printables page


Bedroom Again

A closer look at the bedroom(on the floor is game jen received

as a swap &the chair is meg's favorite chair)


A closer look at the bathroom

(I love this bathroom set...Think they will let me

have it back?LOL


A closer look at the living room

(the picture on the wall is a photo of Megan)


A closer look at the kitchen(this is the girls favorite room)

House measurements