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The Our Dollhouse page Has our Dollhouse rooms in Progress and will be updated as the rooms head tward their finnish(If a mini room is ever finished).

The Customer Photo Page Has customer photos,Showing how they have displayed their Meg's mini.So kick back Relax,Browse,Shop but most of all Enjoy your visit to My Mini Space.

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Our Dollhouse Living room

Above is a photo of my dollhouse living room, It is all the small things that make a room such as tiny photos, doilies and accent pillows. I love making all the little finishing touches. I have been selling things like dollhouse bedding, throw pillows ,little photo cards,dishtowels,rugs and much more that I make on ebay. I hope to be able to put a products page up on this site again soon. If you get a chance check out my minis on ebay ... even if its just to get an idea or two.Also drop me a line if there are things you would like to see or if you have an idea for a new product that I can

The Bathroom......
The bathroom is done.Click here to seeMore Photos of The Bathroom.

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My Little dollhouse is where I hide
childhood memories wait inside
When i go inside to play
all my worries go away
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